Brewering plan
Material tank


Several techniques of brewing and fermentation are used in our brewery.

  In brewhouse:

We carry malt saccharification (conversion of starch barley malt sugar) in three ways:

- The infusion rising:

It is a simple and fast method, which transforms the malt without making too much color to the beer.

- The decoction quenching:

This ancient method, longer and more complex, requires some boiling malt (the mash, more precisely) during saccharification, which gives more color to the wine and a taste that can not be obtained with infusion.

- The decoction two tempers:

This method is very long, which is subject, in general, the brown and amber beers, brings even more color and brings out all the flavors of malt, with a double boil. It brings roundness and natural tannins in beer and some tannic bitterness different from those provided by the hops.

  Fermentation cellar:

Two fermentation methods are used:

- The low fermentation:

Around 10 ° C, a slow fermentation which gives finesse and a better finish to the beer.

- The high fermentation:

Around 20 ° C, a faster fermentation that gives the beer more aroma and fruity.

Then, after the guard, two types of bottling:

- The beer was naturally saturated fermenter, it is bottled under pressure after filtration for some.

- Beer is not saturated yet, so we'll add him a drink and yeast if necessary, to the ferments in the bottle in warm room.

Therefore take two months, minimum, for the manufacture of beer.

Follow labeling before marketing thereof.

An old but interesting video on the brewing process:

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